Thursday, July 22, 2010

When Love Is Kind

When love is kind,
cheerful and free
love's sure to find
welcome with me.

But when love brings
heartache and pang
tears and such things
love may go hang!
Thomas Moore

I always liked this song from back in the voice lesson days.  I could identify at age 16.  I can still identify!  And somehow, these lyrics have never left me. 


  1. I'm not acquainted with the song but I know the feeling ...

  2. This is one I often play for junior high soloists! So the lyrics are firmly stuck in my mind, too! The challenge is getting JH soloists to actually sing the last phrase with a little emotion!

  3. Never heard of the song, but can relate.

  4. i have missed my visits the song!!

  5. Missing you this summer ... hope all is well.