Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

A sampler made by a dear aunt almost 35 years ago now. 


  1. My grandmother gave me a plaque with that saying many, many years ago.

  2. I believe I know who made this and many other embroidered pictures for her children, nieces, nephews and others. She was quite tickled when she saw this- called to tell me, "Did you see the picture of the picture I made?" If you ever decide you don't want it- throw it my way. BJB

  3. I don't think I will ever not want it; it is a favorite! And Dad gave me the one that she made for Mom, too. They hang side by side in my kitchen. (And a picture of that one that will be on here, too!) I bet my girls fight over them some day! : )