Friday, May 21, 2010

Who You Are

Who you are makes a difference
to the people of our world.

This quote was on a poster over the front chalkboard in my room for years.  (The tornado took it, but it will be there again when we move into the new building.)  Now, daughter K puts it on a wallet size card she gives to her students. 

I tell the students that it matters every single day what kind of person I am in that classroom.  My mood and behavior affects their mood and behavior.  The same is true for them.  It matters every single day what kind of person they are in my room.  It matters whether they are kind, helpful, and honest. 

Going a bit further:  It matters what kind of people we are in our families. It matters to our community what kind of people we are. It matters whether we help others, work together, or do what we are supposed to do.  It matters in our state and our nation, too.  It matters. 


  1. I think that's a great reminder for all of us. It sounds like the perfect quote for a classroom as a reminder for ALL who enter, students and teachers alike.

  2. A good thing for all of us to remember ...

  3. Some days I feel like I'm walking a tightrope, knowing that if I let on that certain buttons have been pushed and felt on me, "things" in the classroom will unravel quickly. But I have four students who seem to make a living out of figuring out a teacher's buttons and pressing on them continuously and that's a big part of who they are. Being the person you are in Christ is a constant effort.