Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baseball Days

Baseball was made for kids,
and adults only screw it up.
Bob Lemon

There is almost nothing better than a T-ball game.  One of my favorite little guys is having a serious discussion on the bench before he goes out to bat.  (Everybody bats, but notice the glove is still on.  You have to be prepared!!)  And he will slide into home. every. single. time.  Almost four is a perfect age for baseball!


  1. That seems to be a very intense discussion.

  2. A pretty good guess is that it centers on whose mom brought what drinks/treats for after the game!

  3. What a cutie! I was all set to go to t-ball last night, but it was out of town. I have it on my calendar for next Tuesday.

  4. Very serious expression. I agree with Kim; he's a cutie. You're also right about the age. Watching that age play is so entertaining, so cute are they!
    The quote is correct also. Coaches bent only on winning and interfering parents can quickly ruin the game.

  5. Kids are just the best, aren't they?!