Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When you're at peace with yourself,
any place is home.


  1. Excellent quote today, and a nice photo to go along with it.

  2. good morning from my home to yours just a click away~

  3. Ahh peace. That is what I am feeling this morning. My bookstore manager position is history, as of yesterday. It was a very fun job that I loved and was good at, though I shouldn't say so myself, I guess. Anyway I know the books like the back of my hand and have sold hundreds of them. I love the customers and know all of them by name- almost.

    BUT I'm ready to dig into Fash's senior year, get organized, pay more attention to I.T. and actually do a "real project" around this house.

    My sisters are coming over today w/their kids and I'm going to enjoy every minute.

    Like the Brady Bunch sang and Cup of Coffee recently quoted "When it's time to change, you gotta rearrange..."

    Peace? Like a river, baby, like a river...