Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seeking the Successful Life

Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life.
It starts with recognizing your talents
and then finding ways to serve others by using them.
Thomas Kincaid


  1. Excellent quote today, as well as the photo.

  2. Perfect grape cluster picture. Balancing family and work, being at peace when I must choose family over work and remembering the joy of the Lord is my strength- my joy is my life anchored in the Rock of my salvation. Yep. It does sum up the past few weeks over here for me. I'll be serving family this fall, for starters...then, I'll follow the lead of the Lord.

    Thanks for this quote.

  3. That grape vine photo reminds me I need to wonder out to the vineyard and look at those grapes we have growing! Happy SUmmer and thank you so very much for your kind words on my blog.

    Happy Summer - can't wait to stop back sooN!